Historic Railroad Hike

Sean, Serene, and I went on a series of hikes this weekend to the Snohomish/Granite Falls area: Lime Kiln and Old Robe Canyon. The former roughly followed an old railway grade, whereas the latter closely traced the ruins of a railway abandoned in the early 1930s as the owners finally gave up trying to maintain it. For you see, they built it right next to a river. Not the best idea ever.

A few favorite photos, in no particular order.





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2 thoughts on “Historic Railroad Hike

  1. Hikes were amazing! Company even better! Those tunnels were totally worth the warnings of doom and avalanches.

    The major fail? The part where Serene forgot to load her film into her awesome, favorite camera. ::headdesk::


    1. Serene. I am disappoint. And that totally blows. A few years ago I was shooting an awesome event when I got home and realized that my CF card wasn’t loaded. After that particular instance I turned off the “allow camera to operate without memory card” option. Whoops.

      But the hike was great!


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