Gettin’ My Books On

Movies are Totally Last Year

Since graduation from college a couple of years ago, I’ve focused on getting up to speed with the popular culture centered around these things known as “moving pictures.” I watched a bunch, wrote about them, and generally had fun feasting my eyeballs upon all that the motion picture industry had to offer.

Then I totally got bored with movies, and haven’t seen a new one in months. It’s been that bad. But don’t worry: I’ve filled that void with Star Trek. Lots of Star Trek. Specifically, Deep Space 9. But I’ve also started shifting my time resources elsewhere: towards my reading and finally making real progress on my reading list rather than just treading water while bookstore sales continued to stymie any real progress.

Reviews Inbound

This means, my dear readers, that I shall be offering my opinion on whatever text happens to fly past my eyeballs. You have been forewarned. However, there’s a significant difference between my book reviews and movie reviews:

Books won’t be rated on a scale

I find it difficult to give a book a numerical rating, as it’s also difficult for me to find a book that I absolutely detest. Rather than using an arbitrary scale that I’d just abuse, there won’t be any scale.


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