Future Posting Promised


Sorry for the posting hiatus. I think this chat excerpt pretty much sums it up.

I’ve always done my serious writing on my laptop
Like if I NEED to get a report done
or write emails
or journal entries or whatever
I find it a lot easier to focus and get it done on a laptop
ever since mine was stolen
There have been times when
I’ve been like
and then remember that my choices are
a) a huge distracting desktop
b) a small-ass netbook with a small keyboard that makes babies cry
This may seem like a first world problem
but it’s still a problem

Future Ideas

  • “Quarter-Life Crisis” and the realization that I’m firmly in my mid-20s.
  • Seattle Snowy Surfing
  • The Grand 2012 Book Reading Expedition.
  • The post series in which Nikky reviews every Science Fiction television series he has ever watched. And treats them with the justice they deserve. Spoilers: Babylon 5 is the best. Battlestar Galactica is crap.


But never fear! I shall be ordering the HP Envy 14 as soon as it’s released. Blogging should then resume at its normal semi-regular pace.

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