Seahawks Care-O-Meter

Despite my well documented love for Husky Football, I’m usually rather lethargic about the Seahawks. Sure, I’ll watch them when I get the chance, but more often than not I’ll discover that they played when I’m checking the Seattle Times at the end of the day. That doesn’t stop me from offering forth comments about their performance, however. My typical reactions are something like this:

Nikky Discovers the Seahawks Win

“WOAH. Who replaced the Seahawks with a good team?”

“I see we’re trying really hard not to win the Andrew Luck bowl this year.”

“Too bad we still suck.”

“Seahawks? More like Seahonks.”

Nikky Discovers the Seahawks Lose

“Seahawks are dead to me.”

“I wish I got paid to play football as poorly as we did.”


I only have room for one team in my heart, and that’s the University of Washington Huskies football team. The Seahawks are but a poor substitute. With colors that aren’t as awesome.

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