September Film Comeback

Between getting ready for Scandinavia, the actual trip, and the fact that I lack a TV, movie going was slow.

* = Terrible

** = Had some redeem­ing qual­i­ties, but prob­a­bly would not watch again.

*** = Rec­om­mended movie with some flaws.

**** = Perfection

American Psycho **

It was a fun movie to watch, but it didn’t seem really complete to me. Bale’s performance seemed to mirror a bad Jim Carrey movie, and that ruined a lot of it for me down the line as he was just too unbelievable. Feel free to mock me for this opinion.

Sin City ***

This movie was a perfect replica of the Sin City comics. Almost too perfect, I think. What works well on the comic doesn’t translate to film, and I feel like they could have done a lot better by straying from the comics just a bit in order to make it more film friendly. That being said, the atmosphere, casting, and cinematography were all amazing.

Adam **

A quirky movie that’s good enough when you’re at 35,000 feet. A lot of plot points were never really explored despite the fact that they kept reappearing throughout the film, and the ending seemed a little too rushed: it was almost like in editing they suddenly decided “WHELP TIME TO END THE MOVIE NOW” and just cut everything else out between their current progress and the end credits.

Blade Runner ****

I’ve seen this before, but since I watched it in Blu-Ray goodness last month, I figured I’d review it. This is one of my favorite movies. The techno-noir mood is perfect, and this is an action movie that doesn’t feel like an action movie. There are few better things than curling up to a dark room with Blade Runner playing on the screen.


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