Instinctual Smells

Warning: This is another one of those posts that I thought would be very interesting and reflective when I was writing it in my head, but the idea just kind of fizzled out on paper. Many people would probably leave these posts behind and never share them. But I’m not most people and think that you may actually be interested in reading my half-baked thoughts as they leave my mind.Yayyyy.

We like to try and pretend that we’re a lot different than our uncultured and brutish ancestors who swung through the forest and lacked such notions like rational thought, self-control, and magnanimous relationships. I admit it: I feel no real relation to the primates who hid from predators, ate berries, and didn’t utilize their full potential. But I’m sometimes reminded that we’re not just creatures of thought and that there are a lot of primal instincts and features that still run strong with us in ways we cannot always explain or even detect.

Out of our five senses, the one that I feel is the most mysterious and instinct-based is our lovely sniffing ability that the common nose provides. We are drawn to the smell of bacon fat like almost no other scent. The pull often overwhelms our rational thought and compels us to shove as much bacon-y goodness into our mouths despite our rational mind saying “OH GOD NO MY HEART WILL EXPLODE IN TWO SECONDS IF YOU KEEP EATING THIS BACON. STOP IT PLEASESTOP IT. YOU EVIL NOSE YOU!” Don’t try to deny it either. We all know the smell of foods is something that is almost bypassing our minds and goes directly into the instinct of “eat this high fat food: it will provide energy for you so you can survive the night when the cheetah come out and eat us by the bushel..

As you get to know a close friend or lover, you slowly realize the unique smell and subtle scent that surrounds them. It’s a smell that you will immediately recognize, but cannot explain it in any rational means. It’s a sensation and sense that we simply can’t put into words. When you least expect it, you’ll get a whiff of something that resembles this scent, and a rush of familiar emotions flood over you without thinking about it.

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