Sphere Monsters

Thousands of light years away: They have lived for longer than they can remember, and they are slowly, instinctual drawn through space towards their next source of food. Surrounding their hapless target, they collectively wrap their tendrils around these dying dwarf stars, tearing apart these ancient balls of gas in a methodical fashion. As the sun loses its last source of fusion power and fades to nothing, they continue their silent dance in the twilight. Their life forms sustained for another million years, these timeless giants set their sights upon a new target.

Terra, The Solar System, Milky Way: Chad McCall, postdoc, has been tracking a fading star. Although the amount of light emission is decreasing it at an almost imperceptible rate, it’s a chance to view a dying star before it is snuffed out forever. In a few thousand years, the last light of the star will reach Earth, and we will record this as a body lost to the vastness of space.

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