July Flicks and Films

Summary: Nikky doesn’t really watch that many movies in July.

* = Terrible

** = Had some redeeming qual­i­ties, but prob­a­bly would not watch again.

*** = Rec­om­mended movie with some flaws.

**** = Perfection

Bottle Rocket **

I vaguely remember this movie. It seemed like a stereotypical Wes Anderson flick, except didn’t really have anything that made it different from his usual formula. A weird plot (even for him), and uninteresting characters made this a vaguely entertaining movie.

The Atomic Cafe ***

A very interesting look at the films and government propaganda that existed during the formative years of the atomic age. It shows the ignorance of nuclear power as well as the first efforts to control it.

Terminator 2: Judgement Day ***

It’s better than Terminator 1. Otherwise, a fairly entertaining action movie with some lulzy CGI.

Rubber ***

A tire rolls around in the desert and blows people up. The director managed to make the tire actually convey intelligence and emotion. It’s interesting for about the first hour, but by that point you’re too busy staring at the cinematography to care. Beautiful.

Brazil ***

Oh boy, I need to watch this again. I think I liked it?

Amelie ****

I want to marry this film and have its babies. It’s amazing, hilarious, awkward, adorable, and want to view it at least once every day until I die. If you watch one film this year, make it Amelie.

Se7en **

Eh, interesting enough. I’d like it more if the ending wasn’t so freaking predictable. HURR DURR I WONDER WHY HIS WIFE, AN OTHERWISE UNINTERESTING CHARACTER, KEEPS SHOWING UP?

Catfish **

The main “character” is a very engaging person. His story, however, falls apart about halfway through. If you’ve seen this movie, you’ll now what I mean. If you haven’t seen it, watch it for its glorious awkwardness.

Restrepo ***

A war documentary that is really “in the shit” and shows us what combat is like on the ground. A fascinating look at war and a soldier’s life without being violent. Unfortunately, I never really felt connected to individuals profiled,and wasn’t impacted by their emotion. I realize it’s a sensitive and difficult subject, but I feel like the director missed the main reason for the documentary when editing his footage.

Dune ***

Yes, I already reviewed this a while ago. I re-watched it after finally reading Dune. The movie makes a lot more sense now.

The Third Man ****

I actually saw this a long time ago, but watched it again recently. A great noir featuring a young Orson Welles. Check it out if you haven’t already.

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