April Movies Brings May Reviews

* = Terrible

** = Had some redeem­ing qual­i­ties, but prob­a­bly would not watch again.

*** = Rec­om­mended movie with some flaws.

**** = Perfection

I started out the month strong! But a combination of photo projects, computer maintenance, and other such things caused the last two weeks’ viewing to drop to literally nothing. OOPS.

Helvetica **

An interesting look at the Helvetica Font’s impact and history upon our modern design and style. Ultimately, this documentary didn’t really go anywhere and while it was a compelling story, failed at actually weaving a story worth telling.

Tron: Legacy ****

A beautiful film with an outstanding soundtrack. Despite the plot that was sometimes lacking at points, I ultimately rate this very highly.

La Femme Nikita *

Overhyped and under-performing, this “action” film got confused with the plot and featured a jumpy plot that didn’t really do much of anything except make the viewer want to read a plot summary to figure out what the heck this movie was supposed to be about. Very disappointing.

Three Kings ***

An excellent modern dark comedy (for some reason the food processors cracked me up every time), this is a touching story about a small group of American soldiers trying to strike it rich in post-Desert Storm war Iraq. While the overall plot was solid, the execution was somewhat lacking at points and ultimately annoying enough to lose that fourth star.

I Heart Huckabees ****

An amazing film that explored modern living, the meaning of life, and the value of finding yourself and not trying to impress others.

The Seventh Seal ****

The more I thought about this film, the more I liked it. It will grow on you and occupy your thoughts for days on end while trying to unravel the genius behind this film.

Objectified **

A film about design and objects in our society,  I felt the execution of this documentary (As with Helvetica) was somewhat lacking. Interesting enough, but nothing really compelling to draw me back to it.

Harakiri ****

A 1950s Japanese film about the end of the Samari era, this is a poignant story about a family who struggles after their house is eliminated. With a very skilful plot and a distinctive style, this film continues to influence even today.

Arn: Knight Templar ***

Following the story of the fictional Arn, this Swedish film is about a man who becomes a Templar and is caught up between the war in the Holy Land and tribal friction back home. Despite the mangling of this version’s plot to shorten it, it’s still a compelling film that is worth a viewing if you’re into Scandinavian history and medieval combat.


…and that’s a wrap. Currently sitting in my apartment for the past 12 days are The King’s Speech, The Right Stuff, Blood on the Flat Track, and Fear/Loathing in Las Vegas.


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