View of Polaroids

When I was growing up, I had a Polaroid camera that I used on random occasions when I didn’t feel like using the traditional 35mm film camera for some unknown reason. After beginning the process to clean up my room at home, I found a cache of saved pictures taken with this camera. There were exactly thirteen in this batch. This is their story.

Nikky Starfish

Growing up on a protected bay of Puget Sound, my sister and I frequently were fascinated by the sea creatures we found while swimming. Immediately behind me you’ll see a large number of blue starfish, but I was attracted to this bright orange one for some reason.


This is my mom. She often led these beach expeditions and taught us to respect nature.

Nikky and Dave

It’s “Uh-Oh” Dave, my uncle! Nina and I usually pestered him until he picked us up and threw us outside. In a manner of speaking. Just what is on my feet?

Nina and Eileen

Sometimes we went on picnics.

Nikky Subaru

I was that emo kid who always sat alone.

Nina and Mom

Nina is my younger sibling, and appears to have lost her front teeth in this adorable picture.


Others collected Beanie Babies. I was a hipster and collected Puffkins. They often hung out together on this chair, which was shortly thereafter destroyed by the interior decorator police despite my protestations that it made an excellent home base for Puffkins.


Sometimes they hung out on my bed. I have about 30 now, and they’re hiding in a storage chest at home.

Nikky Birthday

Approximately once a year, I had a birthday.


Nina and I would bake a lot of things with mom. But we often got distracted and let mom do all of the frosting. Or we were too stuffed with cupcake batter. Delicious cupcake batter.


My grandfather, Ray, lived next door (and still does!). He got my foreign coin collection started and introduced the topics of engineering and electricity to me.

Grandma Carol and Mom

Sometimes my aunt Carol and grandma would visit.

Nikky's Desk

And probably would comment on my perpetually messy desk.

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