Quotable Quotes

Some days, you just feel like quoting yourself. Here are some random ones from last night that amused me. In no particular order, and most likely out of context.

< nikky> Rattlers are on the eastern side of the state.
< nikky> Which is like… Confederate States of Washington.
< nikky> We don’t talk about them.

<@nikky> You ain’t hipster-y than me.
<@nikky> With your vintage Ts and sideburns.

< nikky> Clearly Finland needs more aircraft carriers.
< nikky> To flex some muscle and force prices down.

< nikky> Yeah, that’s a snowlizard alright.

< nikky> I tell you, if I ever lived in an area that had huge man-sized lizards that ate humans.
< nikky> I’d move.

< nikky> You have rednecks in Finland?

< nikky> /dcc chat efneti86
< nikky> and then it will be like sup’ bro
< nikky> and you enter in your password, otherwise it blows your face off

< nikky> Ubuntu is not debian
< nikky> UIND

<+kevinh90> nikky, which would you prefer to have with you if you were stranded on a desert island?   a TI graphing calculator, or Jesus Christ.
< nikky> A calculator, I suppose
< nikky> Mario is better than nothing
< nikky> Even if it only lasts a few hours.
<@Grue`> LOL
<@Grue`> Nice one
<+kevinh90> so even if Jesus Christ were right there next to you, you still wouldnt believe he was even there?
< nikky> With a graphing calculator I could use that nifty map feature and plot a course to safety.
< nikky> Parting the seas is nice and all, but I’d rather sail.

< nikky> I’ll send you the paperwork
< nikky> Don’t bother reading it. Just sign.

< nikky> I figure because the crosswalk factories cost a lot to retool

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