T+6 Days; New Year’s Resolutions!

I’ve always been late when it comes to New Year’s resolutions. As long as I figure them out before January 7th, it’s all fine and dandy, right?

Perhaps that should be a resolution for one of these years: actually deciding on them before the New Year. Regardless, here they are.

  • Learn Vim. I’ve been using Vim for a few years now, but have never really used it like it should be. Sure, I’ll use a few shortcuts here and there, but the power of Vim is falling on the wayside. This year I shall force myself to use commands until I remember them. Perl scripts, you’re on notice: it’s time to be conquered!
  • Start Saving: Never really the one to manage money that closely, my theory is not quite “spend it before you got it,” but is more along the lines of “why not buy that?” It’s time to start acting like an adult and plan for the future. Specifically, Scandinavia.
  • Stop Chewing my Fingernails: This time, it’s for reals. If you see me munching on my nails, please hit me really hard in the face and openly mock me and my pitiful fingers.
  • Explore: I’ve been stuck in school for so long, I’ve forgotten how to have fun and explore new things. This is probably a “everyone does this” resolution, but I feel like it’s really something I’ve already started to work on before 2011. Now I’m just putting it in words.
  • Learn Ruby: Ruby. The new Perl? I’ll find out this year!
  • Write: Without writing, I tend to bunch up and lose focus. Writing for pleasure is one of my great joys, and I will make sure not to neglect it.

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