Thoughts for Oranges

As a “completely random not-for-any-particular-purpose” project, I decided that for the next two weeks, I will wander around campus to find an interesting or thought-provoking place for lunch and quiet reflection. “Why not write about this,” I thought.

Monday, December 27th, 2010

Location: Medicinal Herb Garden, University of Washington Seattle: Sitting on the small brick wall that contained a pipe slowly dripping water into a stream.

Monkey. (Set of Two)


“Why are there two monkeys at the entrance to this garden?”

“Oranges: Fruits, or Secret Alien pods?”

“Campus is way more awesome when there are no people around.”


Win: Seattle City Light truck with a Ferrari Sticker on the hood.

Tuesday, December 28th, 2010

Location: Sakuma Viewpoint, University of Washington Seattle

“Instead of awesome, campus is actually sad with her students gone.”

“I wonder what Lake Washington water tastes like?”

“Hopefully a hobo didn’t sleep on this bench. But if he did, at least it rained last night to wash away the smell.”

“Chucks are much better for your feet than shoes with heels.”


Win: Overcast, and dark day.


Glasses left on Viewpoint Sign
Glasses left on Viewpoint Sign

Wednesday, December 29th, 2010

Location: My Apartment.


“I wonder if I can put this Lego together in roughly an hour.”


Win: Imperial Landing Craft

Fail: Only completed half before going back to work.


And I’ll see you next week!

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