And the sky was filled with tea…

(10:49:24 AM) nikky: that was not the brightest idea I ever had
(10:49:48 AM) nikky: I was starting to drink my tea from a travel mug
(10:50:04 AM) nikky: and got a scratch in my throat while the tea was about 2mm away from my mouth
(10:50:16 AM) nikky: so I decided to sneeze
(10:50:37 AM) nikky: directing all of the sneezing power into a small sipping hole that led to a mug full of tea
(10:51:05 AM) nikky: which caused the air to displace a large amount of tea
(10:51:19 AM) nikky: resulting in tea all over the face, netbook, keyboard, and desk
(10:51:46 AM) nikky: >.>
(10:52:22 AM) lutters: I want a thumbs up emoticon
(10:52:35 AM) lutters: instead
(10:52:44 AM) lutters: I’ll award you some darwin points
(10:53:01 AM) lutters: hmm
(10:53:06 AM) lutters: what should the scale be
(10:54:16 AM) lutters: 100 points for something that has a 50% chance of killing you
(10:54:57 AM) lutters: so you get like
(10:54:57 AM) lutters: 4

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