Eddy and Nikky in a Text-Based Adventure!

(09:12:38 PM) Nikky : I’m thinking we knock out all the internal walls
(09:12:46 PM) Nikky : Turn it into one really big flat
(09:12:55 PM) Eddy : I would be so down!
(09:13:03 PM) Nikky : kk
(09:13:07 PM) Nikky : Do you know how to knock out walls?
(09:15:16 PM) Eddy : I have a little hammer.
(09:16:10 PM) Nikky : I think that’ll do
(09:16:24 PM) Nikky : I have a swiss army knife
(09:16:56 PM) Eddy : Use [knife]?
Use [hammer]?
Combine [knife] and [hammer]?
(09:17:08 PM) Nikky : y
(09:18:47 PM) Eddy : Player uses knife on wall.
(09:18:53 PM) Eddy : Paint chips off.
(09:19:00 PM) Eddy : Player uses hammer on wall.
(09:19:11 PM) Eddy : Wall becomes Dented Wall
(09:19:34 PM) Nikky : Player hits wall with hammer 10,000 times
(09:19:38 PM) Eddy : Player uses hammer on knife, wedging it into a support beam, bending the knife.
(09:19:39 PM) Nikky : Wall becomes highly dented wall.
(09:19:59 PM) Eddy : A neighbor has appeared. He looks angry.
(09:20:01 PM) Eddy : What do you do?
(09:20:08 PM) Nikky : Hit with hammer.
(09:22:17 PM) Eddy : Neighbor is becomes unconscious neighbor.
(09:22:28 PM) Eddy : His body lies in the doorwar.
(09:22:30 PM) Eddy : doorway.
(09:22:38 PM) Eddy : Wow grammar*
(09:22:39 PM) Nikky : Resume construction project?
(09:22:51 PM) Eddy : You no longer have hammer.
(09:23:06 PM) Nikky : Look around.
(09:23:36 PM) Eddy : To the north is a body. To the east is a trunk. To the south is a book case full of books. To the west is a hallway.
(09:23:54 PM) Nikky : Open trunk.
(09:24:02 PM) Eddy : Player opens trunk.
(09:24:10 PM) Nikky : Rummage around.
(09:24:27 PM) Eddy : Trunk contains a chainsaw, plastic bags, bleach, and a trumpet.
(09:24:47 PM) Nikky : Take all.
(09:24:56 PM) Eddy : Contents added to player’s inventory.
(09:25:06 PM) Eddy : Player has three empty slots remaining.
(09:25:50 PM) Eddy : A door is heard closing from below.
(09:25:57 PM) Nikky : Equip bleach.
(09:26:11 PM) Eddy : Players opens bottle of bleach.
(09:27:05 PM) Nikky : Sniff.
(09:27:30 PM) Eddy : Player becomes lightheaded. Your inventory still contains [chainsaw].
(09:27:43 PM) Nikky : Switch item. Equip chainsaw.
(09:27:53 PM) Nikky : Target bookshelf.
(09:28:13 PM) Eddy : Player pulls out chainsaw and walks toward bookshelf. Unconscious neighbor rustles.
(09:29:00 PM) Nikky : Resume walking in straight line.
(09:30:34 PM) Eddy : Chainsaw begins shredding volumes and volumes of books.
(09:30:40 PM) Eddy : Bits of paper fill the air.
(09:31:04 PM) Nikky : Stop chainsaw.
(09:31:06 PM) Nikky : Look around.
(09:31:43 PM) Eddy : Neighbor’s body is gone. Across the hall, two neighbors stand in their doorway looking at you in horror. It begins to rain outside.
(09:33:21 PM) Nikky : Walk to window and equip plastic bag.
(09:34:05 PM) Eddy : Player puts on bag. Player is now waterproof. Water trickles down the closed window.
(09:34:42 PM) Nikky : Walk on water.
(09:35:10 PM) Eddy : Player becomes Jesus.
(09:35:22 PM) Nikky : Turn water into wine.
(09:35:59 PM) Eddy : Water turns into wine. Player no longer can walk on it. Player gets slightly drunk in addition to the lightheadedness.
(09:36:18 PM) Nikky : Look around.
(09:37:58 PM) Eddy : Player sees Ed McClain. Player sees nothing else.
(09:38:48 PM) Nikky : Ascend into heaven.
(09:40:28 PM) Eddy : Player wins game.
(09:41:10 PM) Nikky : We should write these games.
(09:41:53 PM) Eddy : Eddy agrees. I was starting to crave a good text-based adventure.

One thought on “Eddy and Nikky in a Text-Based Adventure!

  1. Player sits at desk.
    On the desk is a Macbook Pro, a matchbook, a carton of cigars, and your mother’s will.
    It’s raining outside of your Liverpool flat.


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