Squid Farm Idea

I amaze myself with how awesome I am sometimes.
Nikky: Want to invest in a squid farm?
Future Millionaire: temping
Future Millionaire: do you have a business plan?
Nikky: The business plan is foolproof.
Nikky: 1) Find investors.
Nikky: 2) Spend venture capital on squid.
Nikky: 3) ???
Nikky: 4) 1000% ROI
Nikky: Step 3 could possibly be a “squid funpark”
Nikky: Where parents and the young-at-heart come to enjoy the wonders of squid.
Nikky: Now this does depend on some assumptions.
Nikky: Which are:
Nikky: 1) Squid make their own food. Possibly through photosynthesis or some complicated water-based chemical process.
Nikky: and
Nikky: 2) People would spend big ass money cash to see squid.
Nikky: I wonder where you can buy squid.
Nikky: In bulk.
Nikky: Without a lot of questions asked.
After further market research, an atypical member of the public chimed in:
< nikky> Tell me
< nikky> How much would you spend to view squid?
< nikky> Like $10/hour?
< Delusional Member of the Public> I wouldn’t go view squid.
This is shocking! That is truly a bargain!

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