WebAlpine Easter Egg

This is probably of interest to those who a) are currently a student, staff, or faculty at the UW, b) use UW Deskmail for their e-mail, and c) check their e-mail using WebAlpine. Regardless, while at work today I found an easter egg in WebAlpine today. To view it, follow these easy steps:

  1. Navigate to WebAlpine
  2. Click on “Contacts”
  3. Hover over “More Actions”
  4. Click on “Export vCards”
  5. Click on “Export vCards” again
  6. etc. etc.

The message pane will display these messages:

“vCard Export is not implemented yet!”

“vCard Export is still not implemented yet”

Seriously, vCard support will never be implemented if you keep bothering me!”

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