Georgia “Fun Facts”

I’ve had the extreme pleasure of having to sit through group presentations this week. Unfortunately, the professor decided to give groups a bonus point for “creativity.” One particularly irritating group (consisting of people we had *never* seen before, and this is a small class), decided to share with us “fun facts” about their country. These facts were such things as “An old woman brings children easter eggs, the rabbit simply paints the eggs!” HAW HAW HERP DERP WE DIDN’T PREPARE REAL CONTENT.

Georgia could do better than that, I thought! Here are some Fun Facts!

  • Many Georgians have electricity!
  • Newspapers are too expensive for most citizens!
  • Georgia has 4 tanks!
  • Georgians eat food on most days of the week!
  • Georgia’s flag has five times as many crosses than Norway’s does! (Suck it Norway)
  • Georgia is frequently invaded by Russia!

I wanted to wear dinosaur costumes and write a musical about Georgia and post-soviet democracy, but everyone else shot that idea down.

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