Guidelines and Moderators: A Work in Progress

Overview: Presenting a draft plan for the guidelines and moderator-structure of #ti. These guidelines are recommended only, and will be finalized once a moderator core is selected.

Proposed Channel Guidelines:

  • #ti is meant for constructive discussions regarding all aspects of calculators. Hardware, software, programming, use, and other topics are welcome and encouraged.
  • Off-topic conversation is frowned upon. Disruptive conversation can be redirected to other relevant channels, and the offenders may be dealt with as moderators see fit. (Rickrolls, or mention thereof, are off-topic)
  • While negative feedback is allowed, it must be constructive.
  • Content related to files on stored on archive sites is allowed.
  • Topics regarding administration of any website or programming group should be carefully regulated and watched for any off-topic or distracting conversation. It is recommended that this topic be discussed on other relevant channels.

Moderator Structure:

#ti will use global operators from the #tcpa botnet, as well as additional moderators specifically chosen for their unbiased and neutral approach to moderation. They will run the channel from a day-to-day basis, acting as first responders to any disruptions and escalating any issues as necessary to global masters. This moderator core will strive to include a wide range of calculator model experts, programming paradigms, and community members. Application process will begin immediately, and they will help in forging the final guidelines.

As always, comments are welcome and encouraged. You can post below, or contact me via IRC (Nikky@EFnet) or e-mail (

7 thoughts on “Guidelines and Moderators: A Work in Progress

  1. Sounds fair. A few things I think that could be clarified though are:

    -What level of profanity is tolerated? Is it the same as comment boards? Is it zero profanity else kick or will the channel tolerate if someone suddently says the F word in some rare occasions?

    -I assume Youtube links are fine as long as they’re calc-related, right?


  2. And referring to the discussion last night, illegal activity, though related to calculators, is still off-topic, right?

    In any case, glad to see everything is coming together.


  3. im glad to see this transition is going relatively smoothly XD

    and i think those rules are a definetily a good set up
    i also hope we get ops who actually stick to there duties as it would stink to have a downfall cause of negligent ops >.<


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