Rome Update #3

Monday, August 31st, 2009.

The first day of class! We had a two hour session with Professor Walsh of the UW Law School and his course on civil rights and protections within the EU. After this we had an hour of Italian before being released for the day.

Rumurs were flying around that Julia Roberts was going to be outside the Rome Center filming a scene for her new film, and it seemed those rumors were true as a bunch of security guards, film equipment, and black walled vans showed up in the afternoon and began setting up lighting, cameras, and other such equipment. Some individuals went to the Rome Center (which had a direct overhead view of the scene) and were actually trapped in there for a brief period when they were filming. Individuals also claimed they saw Julia herself.

After this excitement, most of us went back to our apartment and retired at around midnight.

Tuesday, September 1st, 2009

Second day of class, and this was EU/Italian/US comparative Law with Professor McCann. Following the usual two hours of seminar we had another hour of Italian. Taking the usual siesta from the Roman heat in the Library of the Rome Center, Rachel and I acted like Americans and celebrated being in Rome my hiding in the living room and watching Flight of the Conchords for a few hours. We then celebrated Kevin’s birthday and made him some Pesto Gnocchi that was quite amazing. Afterwards, Rain, Dominique, Kevin, Rachel and I went to the Trevi fountain at night and had some gelato along the way at the place where most agree has the best in town. The fountain was still fairly crowded at night, but still no less impressive. After getting back at 1am, there was another episode of the Conchords watched before retiring.

A few pictures have been uploaded to flickr.

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