Month in The Eternal City

Hello Everyone-

In case you haven’t heard, but I will be leaving at 6:00am on Tuesday the 25th of August to spend a month in Rome. During this time, I will be participating in the LSJ Rome program, which is a 24 student (12 undergraduate and 12 law students) program jointly taught and led by the LSJ undergraduate major program and the UW School of Law.

We will be conducting classes based on European/United States comparative law, EU civil liberty protections, and for me, second-year Italian. Classes will be operating from the UW Rome Center located off of Palazzo Pio, which is right next to Campo dei Fiori. I will be staying in an apartment a short walk away from Campo dei Fiori with some other students in the program.

Until I return on September 25th, I will be understandably more difficult to contact. While I still will have e-mail and internet access due to me bringing along my netbook, phone contact will not be feasable. I will have an emergency phone for use in Europe, but only the UW Rome center will have my number, so you will have to call through them. The time difference is also nine hours, so keep this in mind when contacting me.

I will not be bringing my DSLR due to size and bulk concerns, and will instead take my smaller Canon SX 110, which was specifically purchased for this trip and other travels. Pictures from the trip will be posted to my flickr whenever possible. Additionally, I will blog about the trip whenever possible at this site.

This is why I actually cared more about Italian than just passing the class. :)



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