Jack-in-the-box A-Z

From Eddy

Age: $1.00

Bed size: w/cheese $1.49

Chore you hate: Not eating at Jackin’ Box.

Dog’s name: Jack

Essential start your day item: Jumbo Jack

Favorite color: Red and White

Gold or Silver: Small curly.

Height: $6.00

Instruments you play(ed): Two tacos.

Job title: Jack in the Box Premiere Member

Kid(s): Meal

Living arrangements: Double bacon chee.

Mom’s name: Eileen + small drink and fry.

Nicknames: Deluxe, side salad.

Overnight hospital stay other than birth: Thanks to Jackin’

Pet Peeve: They don’t deliver.

Quote from a movie: “j-j-jack j-j-jack, Jack in the Box, we’re really cookin’ now.”

Right or left handed: Both.

Siblings: Jr. Bacon Chee.

Time you wake up: 24/7

Underwear: Whatever Jack wears.

Vegetable you dislike: Everything that’s not on the Deluxe Burger.

Ways you run late: Waiting for them to clean the fryer.

X-rays you’ve had: Taco Nachos.

Yummy food you make: #4

Zoo favorite: Cows, Jr. Bacon pigs, chicken sandwich.

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