Finally after some more tests to make sure I don’t have any hidden infections in my lung that would complicate steroid treatments, I began a three day 1000mg/day infusion of anti-inflammatory steroids on Thursday. Those will finish Saturday morning, and after that I’ll be taking some oral steroids for the next 6 days in order to gradually wean myself off of them. Hopefully we’ll see some progress on the eye inflammation, Dr. Mudumbai said it was getting better after the first treatment yesterday, but it was too early to tell if that was natural processes or because of the steroids just a few hours earlier. My eyesight is getting slightly better too.

They still aren’t sure if it’s sarcoid, and one possible suspect the doctors are checking into is “cat scratch disease,” if you can believe that.

If you haven’t seen it yet, I have a different page set up with all of the doctors, tests, and procedures that I’ve had so far, check it out, if you want.

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