Some kind of AIM spam/IM bot.

(09:39:04 PM) TheSharpestCoho: Hey.
(09:41:43 PM) Nikky: Hi
(09:42:34 PM) TheSharpestCoho: Hello!
(09:43:38 PM) TheSharpestCoho: Ah, I just made a WHEEL OF FORTUNE mail. That must be why it IM’d you.
(09:44:11 PM) Nikky: WHEEL OF FORTUNE, eh?
(09:44:17 PM) TheSharpestCoho: Yep!
(09:44:23 PM) Nikky: i here u liek mudkipz
(09:44:43 PM) TheSharpestCoho: I DO LEIK MUDKIPZ PLZKTX
(09:45:26 PM) Nikky: You’re pretty convincing. What do you want to sell me?
(09:46:18 PM) TheSharpestCoho: Convincing as a pianist? :D Toothpaste, and children’s innocence, I suppose.

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(09:46:42 PM) Nikky: We weren’t discussing a piano. Or any instrument.
(09:47:08 PM) TheSharpestCoho: :( But I wanted to talk about clarinets.
(09:47:17 PM) Nikky: You said pianist.
(09:47:21 PM) Nikky: Not clarinetist.
(09:47:50 PM) TheSharpestCoho: Oh? ….oh! Was that the first message I sent you?
(09:48:28 PM) Nikky: You said something like “I love linux, do you want to install debian together?”
(09:48:38 PM) Nikky: I responded with “Only if we can use emacs”
(09:48:48 PM) TheSharpestCoho: *laughs*
(09:48:57 PM) Nikky: I must have stumped you.
(09:49:29 PM) Nikky: What is your favorite kind of cake?
(09:49:41 PM) TheSharpestCoho: Gotta say, cheesecake.
(09:49:51 PM) TheSharpestCoho: Yours?
(09:49:56 PM) Nikky: Mushroom Pie.
(09:50:49 PM) TheSharpestCoho: I assume that’s like Shepherd’s Pie, except with mushrooms.
(09:51:11 PM) Nikky: Basically correct. Who are you?
(09:51:49 PM) TheSharpestCoho: A human being sitting in a rainbow chair, typing to you.
(09:52:19 PM) Nikky: A rainbow chair? I’ve never heard of such a thing.
(09:52:26 PM) Nikky: I assumed you were a type of Salmon.
(09:52:48 PM) TheSharpestCoho: Really? I own one. Well, I’m not in a band, but…
(09:53:06 PM) Nikky: Why would a band member own a salmon?
(09:53:25 PM) TheSharpestCoho: Oh no, ‘The Offspring’.

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