Internet Meme Dream from Hell

[10:47:33] < Brambles> i had the strangest dream
[10:47:55] < Brambles> so
[10:47:59] < Brambles> it was at the olympics
[10:48:07] < Brambles> opening ceremony or something
[10:48:31] < Brambles> and they did an ‘internet voted upon thing’
[10:48:54] < Brambles> so the stage lights up, and a whole line of 10′ tall lolcats walk to the front
[10:49:24] < Brambles> though their interpretation of lolcats seemed to mean a bunch of funny colored and shaved poodles
[10:49:42] < Brambles> and then the middle one opens it’s mouth and over the loudspeakers it says
[10:49:54] < Brambles> ‘i can haz cheezburgerz, nom nom nom’
[10:50:18] < Brambles> then a spotlight appeared high on a platform where some lady attaches herself to a giant piece of toast
[10:50:30] < Brambles> and glides down upon it to the open mouth of the cat
[10:50:45] < Brambles> who goes ‘nom’ and bites on the toast+lady

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