Ralph Nader: Screwing America A Second Time Around

Recently Third Party Presidential candidate Ralph Nader reached his goal of appearing on the ballot in 45 states this November. Nader appeared on the ballot in 43 states in the 2000 election and managed to capture 3 % of the vote officially giving the election to George W. Bush. The Nader Gonzalez ticket could have a significant impact on swing states and yet again give the White House to a Republican.

These simple facts are very obvious to most Americans who are at all acquainted with the Electoral College. However, these facts do not seem apparent to the Nader camp. By succeeding in getting his name on the ballot in 45 states, including key swing states, Ralph Nader is in fact making it less likely that the changes he hopes to make in government will occur in the next presidential administration. On almost every issue the Obama campaign and the Nader campaign want very similar things and both are polar opposites of the John McCain GOP stance.

Instead of running as a Third Party candidate Ralph Nader should be out on the campaign trail telling people who agree with him on the issues to vote Obama. By voting for Nader Independents are helping John McCain win the election and give the Republicans a third straight term. Ralph Nader is screwing America a second time around. The only difference between the 2000 election and the 2008 election is after eight years of George W. Bush she might not be able to take it this time.


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