Looks like America Lost

So apparentally the flag is at half staff today to honor the victims of a terrorist attack on sovereign US soil. But instead we should redesign the flag. Maybe show the FBI logo instead. Because what it stands for are burning into thin air.

No government interference or intrusion into our private business? I can remember when we used to believe in that.

We lost a few thousand citizens on 9/11, and since then another attack has yet to materialze on American soil, but the terrorists still won.

Air travel is now a nightmare. Civil liberties are fading fast. Executive power is stronger than ever, with little oversight from other branches. America taking a huge hit abroad by fighting a needless war. We even torture enemy combatants in Cuba–an area where the Constitution is claimed not to exist.

Win the war on terror? No, we lost it.

2 thoughts on “Looks like America Lost

  1. Why are you so pessimistic about our country?

    If you so choose to burn our flag (which currently is your right), then be careful who you burn it in front of. You just might get your @ss kicked.

    The US Constitution “should” (or at least it used to) only apply to citizens of the United States of America. Unfortunately, the Executive power that you claim is stronger than ever couldn’t prevent the Supreme Court from giving some of its rights to the non-citizen terrorists held in Cuba.

    Whether a Democrat, Republican, or Independent becomes the next president, there will still be terrorism. Do you think there is some magic switch to turn it off? Until that magic switch is found, we must fight and fight to win! Or should we just hold up the white flag and surrender. I’ve got news for you… they will still kill you by slowly cutting your head off at the neck with a dull serrated knife as you scream and gurgle up blood (sorry for the graphic description). They don’t give a damn about you and me.


  2. David: That is funny. They will kill us? Maybe. They don’t give a damn about us? That’s probably true–it’s obvious that we don’t give a damn about them. The United States is a power nation and uses that power to take advantage of others. These terrorists are sending a pretty powerful message, and we are completely ignoring it. Rather than examine ourselves for the things we do that place these people into such desperate situations, we continue to exploit, abuse, and generally not give a damn about anyone but ourselves. In our search for “terrorists”, we jail, harass, and/or murder anyone who is slightly suspicious, and accuse and monitor everyone else regardless. These attacks were used exclusively as a rallying point for tighter surveillance of our own citizens.

    By the way, your “graphic description” really isn’t that graphic (really, it sounds more like our methods than theirs) in comparison to the awful things we put so many others through (whether through our economic, military, or political power). And then we laugh about it. Or we blame their poverty on them, saying “oh, it is survival of the fittest” this or that, but i think we are intelligent enough not to believe that, for when someone tries to steal back the wealth that has been stolen from them in the first place, we cry out for these people who are fighting back to be punished. This survival of the fittest scenario only applies when we are the ones with power. It is survival of the wealthiest: wealth = power. We continue to neglect the fact that the survival of the community is more important than the survival of the individual…

    In the eyes of these terrorists, the people in the World Trade Center are the same people who everyday exploit and increase the divide between rich America and impoverished, starving “elsewhere”. Besides, our machines, our guns, factories, and bombs, have already killed more animals and people than any (other) terrorist organization could ever accomplish.

    Your point about the Constitution also disgusts me. The Constitution is a restriction of rights, not a granting or guaranteeing of rights. In any case, the status of foreigner should not mean the restriction of all rights (or any rights, for that matter). I’ve never understood how someone could come to this conclusion. We classify everyone by gender, sexual orientation, race, language, and a million other characteristics, and, while many of these are used to harass people, none of them are used in determining someone’s basic rights (not to say that stereotypes and racism, heterosexism, etc. don’t worm their way into our legal system, but there is not a legal founding for it). Maybe it is because they don’t pay taxes? But since when must we purchase our rights? Or maybe it is because they didn’t fight in our latest crusade against the rights of others? No, that can’t be it either, as neither did i and i haven’t been shot by the government yet. The only thing i can think of is that we view American wealth as more important than even the most basic rights of those who attack it.

    And you know why terrorism will still exist? It is not because they are sick, deranged individuals, but because WE are sick, deranged individuals who value wealth more than life.

    “You kill a killer and you become a killer”


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