I remember why I hate Republicans now.

19:17 -!- Irssi: Starting query in EFNet with Recursive
19:17 <Recursive> Fine, thank you.
19:18 <Recursive> I must say to you that all fiscal liberals are douchebags.

19:18 <Nikky> That’s nice.
19:19 <Recursive> Thank you, that is all.
19:19 <Nikky> How does it feel not to care?
19:19 <Nikky> I mean, does it make you happy to see homeless mothers?
19:20 <Nikky> And with the dollar you saved from paying for housing and job programs you bought a hamburger instead?
19:20 <Nikky> Is there some joy in that?
19:22 <Recursive> No.
19:22 <Recursive> A homeless mother is a sad thing.
19:22 <Recursive> Too bad.
19:22 <Recursive> So sad.
19:22 <Nikky> Wow.
19:23 <Recursive> In the wilderness, inferior animals die. The other animals don’t care.
19:23 <Nikky> Maybe if you get out of your protected suburb sometime and actually see how it is.
19:24 <Recursive> Unnecessary.
19:24 <Recursive> Heartlessness is a virtue.
19:27 <Recursive> Hmm, perhaps I come off wrong.
19:27 <Recursive> It is not bad that people care for other people.
19:27 <Recursive> The efforts of charity can accomplish great things.
19:27 <Recursive> However, I prefer to be a selfish asshole.
19:28 <Recursive> I should not have to pay for other, less fortunate people, if I do not choose to.
19:28 <Recursive> Why don’t you try supporting some charity, instead of pushing for a bigger government?
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19:48 <Nikky> Because the role of government is to support its individuals
19:48 <Nikky> and to ensure the well being of its markets
19:48 <Nikky> a homeless man, a drug addict, or single mother aren’t really helping out in the economy
19:48 <Nikky> so the government’s *role* is to help them become productive
19:48 <Nikky> And furthermore, you use “big government”
19:49 <Recursive> The role of government is to organize its individuals.
19:49 <Nikky> Isn’t it interesting that some of the highest taxed on the planet, are also the happiest?
19:49 <Nikky> Gee, that is weird.
19:49 <Recursive> It doesn’t have any obligation to help its citizens.
19:49 <Recursive> Well, perhaps not.
19:49 <Nikky> Well, why have an army then.
19:49 <Nikky> Or President
19:50 <Nikky> or anything
19:50 <Recursive> Yes.
19:50 <Nikky> governments were CREATED for the collective well being
19:50 <Recursive> We do need a militia to protect the people.
19:50 <Nikky> Don’t go spouting off random Republican talking points.
19:50 <Nikky> Because you don’t have a clue what really goes on in the world, or the basis of government.
19:51 <Recursive> But the government is not responsible for providing services like welfare or Medicare.
19:51 <Nikky> You’re just angry because you’re paying a modicum of money every month in taxes.
19:51 <Nikky> And a few cents of that is helping those less well off
19:51 <Nikky> And if those less well off were converted into wage earners
19:51 <Nikky> Well, guess what, you get to pay even less in taxes.
19:51 <Nikky> But no, that’s too easy.
19:51 <Recursive> Those less off are less off for a reason.
19:51 <Nikky> That’s too economical
19:51 <Recursive> We provide children with an education.
19:52 <Nikky> You’d rather not pay anything.
19:52 <Nikky> Yeah, inner-city education is really helpful.
19:52 <Nikky> They’re really given a fair chance.
19:52 <Recursive> We provide them with services so that they can learn what they need to survive in the adult world.
19:52 <Nikky> What services?
19:52 <Nikky> Name one.
19:52 <Recursive> That is enough, they need no more.
19:52 <Recursive> Free or reduced lunch.
19:52 <Recursive> Fostor care programs.
19:52 <Nikky> So you learn how to survive
19:52 <Nikky> with free lunch
19:52 <Nikky> wow, really
19:52 <Recursive> Yes.
19:53 <Nikky> Well, golly gee wiz.
19:53 <Nikky> “Here’s your free lunch son. Sorry about your life”
19:53 <Nikky> “You want to go to college? Tough shit. Survive yourself”
19:53 <Recursive> Children cannot learn if they are starving.
19:53 <Recursive> So we provide them with a free lunch.
19:53 <Nikky> I want to back up a moment.
19:53 <Nikky> You just said.
19:54 <Recursive> If that is not enough, if the parent cannot pay for the child’s food, the parent should give up that child.
19:54 <Nikky> That all you need to survive is 180 free lunches a year, and public schooling.
19:54 <Nikky> GIve up that child?
19:54 <Recursive> Yes.
19:54 <Nikky> To who?
19:54 <Recursive> Give it up for adoption.
19:54 <Nikky> With what money?
19:54 <Nikky> Jesus
19:55 <Recursive> Or, if the parent cannot or will not give up the child, then the child has an unhappy childhood, and perhaps grows up into a dysfunctional adult.
19:55 <Recursive> Too bad.
19:55 <Recursive> So sad.
19:55 <Nikky> And too bad for the society
19:55 <Nikky> because now we have to support them
19:55 <Nikky> instead of them being, you know, productive
19:55 <Recursive> Yes.
19:55 <Nikky> Don’t you see?
19:56 <Nikky> Pennies now save thousands of dollars down the road.
19:56 <Recursive> Don’t you?
19:56 <Nikky> I mean, ou
19:56 <Recursive> We already have too many people on the face of the earth.
19:56 <Nikky> You’re not a fiscal conservative if you don’t understand that logic.
19:56 <Recursive> We are using up resources too fast.
19:56 <Nikky> You’re just an 8th grader angry at the world and hates everyone.
19:56 <Nikky> This converstation is over.
19:56 <Recursive> If we supply the deadbeats, then they proliferate.
19:57 <Nikky> I hope you get ran over by a bus, lose your health insurance, and lose your rent.
19:57 <Recursive> Have you read Freakonomics yet?
19:57 <Nikky> Then we’ll see how you think about things.
19:57 <Recursive> I’ll say,
19:57 <Recursive> “Too bad.
19:57 <Recursive> So sad.”
19:57 <Recursive> And then I’ll get of my ass and try to make something of my life.
19:59 <Recursive> In Freakonomics, the author makes a compelling case that children that do not recieve sufficient attention of the parents are more likely to grow up into societal problems.
19:59 <Recursive> This information is used to support legalized abortion.
19:59 <Recursive> Legalized abortion is great, no?
19:59 <Recursive> It reduces crime.
20:00 <Recursive> What I wonder, is, why is it then illegal for a mother to place her 9 month old child in a microwave, and kill it by cooking it?
20:00 <Recursive> It’s an abortion.
20:00 <Recursive> It’s just about a year later than normal ones.
20:01 <Recursive> http://www.handelonthelaw.com/news_details.aspx?News=5963&Date=9/1/2008
20:02 <Recursive> This mother is just like any mother that killed her unborn child through abortion.
20:02 <Recursive> OK, it’s a month old daughter.
20:02 <Recursive> Even more close to an abortion.
20:03 <Recursive> You think it is OK to kill an innocent, unborn child, but yet society should dig into its coffers to rescue the homeless on the streets from starvation?
20:03 <Recursive> They’ve already failed at life.
20:04 <Recursive> If it were the wilderness, they would already be dead.
20:04 <Recursive> Picked off by predators.
20:05 <Recursive> But anyway, think it over.
20:05 <Recursive> I don’t care how you live your life.
20:06 <Recursive> For all I care, spend every spare penny you earn on the poor and the needy.
20:06 <Recursive> Put your money where your mouth is.
20:07 <Recursive> But please don’t try to take my right to live the way I want away.
20:07 <Recursive> Good night, sir.

6 thoughts on “I remember why I hate Republicans now.

  1. The outrage that I feel as an American is large but as a human being it is limitless. It is the function of government to protect property but also to provide services to its citizens that they cannot provide for themselves. The idea that public school and free lunch is the only duty the government has to its children is devoid of the logic behind the very formation of government.


  2. I think you nailed it. It’s much more than just an American issue, but really one of our entire species. The evolution argument just fails. Species compete against other species for survival, but they help their own kind.


  3. “19:56 You’re just an 8th grader angry at the world and hates everyone.”

    Classic Nikky… Classic. Go for the personal insult. I’m surprised you didnt edit the conversation and remove that, wouldnt want people to see you as the liberal nutcase you are. :-) (meant lovingly, of course)


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