How to spot a legit deal on craigslist

From: Eddy <**************>
To: Nikky <***************>
Subject: Think he’s legit?
Date: Tue, 9 Sep 2008 19:32:12 -0700


Yes it is!
Would you like to buy the 8gb iPod Touch for $200? If so,
where/when would work to meet up?

i really appreciate for the mail in quick response i intended to make pick
for the item but due to some circumstances am facing in my business am out
the state presently all left with me now is my paypal account and for the
package am sending it to one of my client in oversea who went there for a
proposal on my new location so don’t be annoy with me for not making
available pick up for your item am adding additional $100 to your money to
cover the shipping through usps {EMS} GLOBAL EXPRESS MAIL SERVICE so with
prestigious heart kindly make haste in response with your paypal account id
for the fast payment into your account thanks very much and await your response soon

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