Ode to the Super Ducklings

Ode to the Super Ducklings
Sarah Lee and Douglas Crist

‘Twas Allyn, and ’twas Grapeview where
The Super Twins were raised
‘Twas Lisa M who sent you here,
(The intern saints be praised!)

Like Hercules, you soon were faced
With many impossible tasks
Defeat the evil beasts; write
The annual report – real fast

And while you’re at it edit Trends
Or else we’re up a creek
And by the way the Senator
Will be here in a week

Amuse the kids and stop the rain
Make sure no one gets hurt
Direct the traffic, work the mike
And hand out free t-shirts

Hope you’ve got a roomy car
We need a podium now
And do you have your camera?
We need some shots, and how

But every test you’ve passed with ease
And set the bar much higher
For ducklings who will follow you
To defeat evil without inspiring ire

So did we mention that you’ve been
Our best two interns ever?
About you we will never say:
“Generic, but whatever”

Champs meeting a senatorial champ.
Champs meeting a senatorial champ.

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