Liveblog Wrapup: I survived!

The post-GOP convention live blog was about as I expected. All of the Republicans showed up and the liberal section was very thinly represented as was the case previously. I was really honestly afraid of just getting ran over by them… that I’d make stupid comments, not say anything important, and generally get nothing positive accomplished.

But based on their reactions, like this one: “Yes, but I must say Nicky is more eloquent and rational than most liberals,” I really attribute it to the fact that they haven’t really floated their viewsto anyone but those who they agree with. I may have been outgunned in numbers, but it felt like I could at least hold the line and try to show them my views on the world. I suddenly have realized I don’t know why you would care about this, but I impressed myself.

GOP Convention Live Blog

It was like this, but with typing.
It was like this, but with typing.

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