Meet the Authors

Two additional and exciting authors have been added to Troll Drops. They’re both funny, smart, and pithy, and I hope you enjoy their observations as much as I do. Look for their first posts in the next few days!

Danni is a junior at Gonzaga University majoring in history. Primarily, she will be focusing her attention on politics, but will deviate from that occasionally, or often depending on her mood, and include entries regarding other topics. The topics may include but are not limited to pop culture, sociology, feminism, the literary genre, law, the environment, government and various other topics that strike Danni as pertinent to necessary dialogue in our society and nation.

Brian is a UW Political Science major. His interests include: football, politics, and MSNBC. You will likely see posts from him discussing state/national politics and the media.

Source: Meet the Authors

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