Worst Essay Ever

I found this on a site I occasionally troll, and it’s so bad, so flawed, so poorly written… I just had to feature it on the wall of shame.

Communism sucks. For all of you who like communism it is time to see why it does not work. Your re-education starts now.

First just about all communist leaders have caused some the biggest slaughter of people ever. Prove this you may ask, well google search Stalin and Moa. Both ruined their countries economy causing massive starvations in the history of humanity. Stalin also killed many of his officers in his military becaused he was scared of them, so when attacked by germany during WW2 millions of brave soldiers died because there was no leadership. Moa wanted everyone to become farmers even if they had qualifications for better use. This severally cripled the economy and sent china back into the dark ages. Medical care was nonexistant and thousands of people died from being thrown back in the dark ages. Then to try to increase the economy Moa asked for all metal tools to be melted down for an industrial revolution. The flaw of this is that the metal was the wrong type ands could not be used to make machines. Even worse was that just about all of these tool that were melted down were the tools used for farming, so the fallowing years millions of people died because not enough food could be grown due to lack of tools. Also to get to power Moa had millions of people killed and beatten. In the end these are only a few examples of why communism does not work and the problems it caused.

So why does communism does not work? Communism does not work because the communist leader is Human and therefore is subjected to human thoughts and feelings. It is naturall for us to feel greed, anger, sadness, pain, hate, and the want to be better than your neighbor. It is because of those human feelings that just about all leaders of nations have abused their power for their own personal gain. Abuse of power is seen through all ages of mankind by our leaders because our leaders are just like the rest of us, humans.

What makes democratic societies better than others? First there are systems set in place to help limit the amout that the leaders can abuse their power. Also in America the leader can only stay in office for 4 years, 8 if they get re-elected. Communism and dictatorships do not have these safe gaurds to prevent abuse of power. Because there are no safe gaurds the leaders can abuse their power at the cost of their power. Also since for many power currupts, it is common to see leaders that are not restrained to abuse their power after having it.

In the end communism kills. As we all know dictatorships don’t work (look at Hitler, Idi admin (spelling for all of this writing? I am tired(and or lazy) because i stayed up last night), and musalini. in the end a democritcy is all that is left, and democritcy tends to kill a heck of alot less than other government types. So back off of Bush and give him some room. He is trying his best to make things better for his country, just as our world leaders are trying all the time.

When asked why he wrote this, the author responded that “I have to pratice my writing skills over the summer because I will be taking writing 101 at a community college and have not finished high school yet.” Later down he expanded on this as saying “Anyways I only brought up this subject because I wanted to work on my debate skills, I’m going to a comunity college and need to prepare,” and that “arguring is my passion in my life.”
I’m still stunned beyond words. Wow.

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