Obamatard Prius Driver

Now don’t get me wrong… I’m a huge Obama supporter. But there’s a difference between a supporter and an “Obamatard.” This difference will be explored in perhaps a later post.
So I’m driving into Silverdale to take some wedding pictures, and I had already tolerated a lost person on Grapeview Loop and in Allyn. It was also about 140 degrees in the shade, and I wasn’t in too great of a mood. As I’m pulling out of Belfair from a 35mph zone into a 55mph, I decide not to pass this Prius climbing up the hill… they were going about 60 and I wasn’t concerned about them slowing down at all.
Except they had other plans. As *soon* as the road went back to one lane each way, the owner of this Prius decided that 55mph was just a suggestion–and he decided it really meant “go 15 below the speed limit for the next 10 miles without having a good reason at all.”
So if you know someone who owns a Silver Prius, supports Barack Obama, and has the license plate number of “389-NSY” (Washington State), please shred their license and tow their car.

Seek and Destroy

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