Embarrassing Answering Message Greeting

Yes, it’s true. I’m on the wall of shame for this one.

I’ve always had a rather bad relationship with my message tone for my phone. First it was one of those canned messages where I say my name and it repeats it. Generic, boring, and impersonal. But I didn’t have anything better, since I dislike how I sound over the phone and always seem to get my tone wrong. Then while walking to work last year I had this great idea for a personal greeting.

Knock Knock

Who’s There

Not Nikky… leave a message

It wasn’t perfect, great, or anything positive really–but it’s what I had and it was original. I didn’t especially care either, since my phone is always on me and I try to always answer calls. Usually my messages come from when I’m out of service.

So this brings us to the current day, and I’m working out of our Silverdale office three times a week, so I figured out how to forward my office phone in Bremerton (which is on my business card) to my cell phone. I don’t think anything about my cell greeting until Monday rolls around. It’s about 4:30, and myself and Bridget were getting ready to leave when Sarah (our boss) makes her first appearance of the day because she was in meetings since like 0800. We discuss some things, and then she randomly goes over to her phone, hits speaker, and dials our Bremerton 4-digit extension.
I’m wondering why she’s doing this, and I say “I forward to my cell” right when my pocket started vibrating. I wasn’t sure what she was trying to do, so I just ignored the call. Then the “Knock Knock” answering greeting came on. It turns out she tried to call me on Friday while en route to a housing complex and I was out of service–so she heard it then. Sarah was greatly relieved to know that I didn’t actually have that as a greeting on an office phone directly. But needless to say… my message greeting was changed that evening. :)

As Bridget said on the way home: “I can’t imagine her facial expression when she heard that when calling you,” and I agree. I can’t imagine it either.

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