Father’s Day

In early May we always celebrate Mother’s Day to recognize and thank the people who carried and raised us. Yet in the midst school ending for the summer, we can sometimes forget that Mothers are only half of the equation. They might easily blend into the woodwork, but our Fathers do just as much work for their children do, and recieve not nearly enough credit that they do in raising their kids.
I wrote this to my dad a few months ago, but I think it fits for today as well.

You have an amazing work ethic, succeed at whatever job you do, are a

wonderful father who has done so much for his children, and you have an

amazing personality who is genuinely friendly to all and seeks to help

those in need at home and in the community. Those are what make you, and

not anything else. That is what makes my father, and what makes me proud

to be your son.

When mothers are at home, dads are the ones who wake up early, are away from their family, and come home tired. But they do this–every day, every month, every year–without complaint or second thoughts.

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