Opera SpeedDial

Something I thought that might be interesting is what is on my Opera Speed Dial, which is a feature that when you open a new tab it shows automatically updating previews of 9 sites you select.But how did I choose my current nine? My current reasoning is to choose sites that change their content frequently, like news sites or major blogs. Frequently visited forums or something text based might not be useful with a preview, and could be quicker to just type in the address bar.

1. Seattlepi.com: My favorite of the two major Seattle papers.

2. Seattletimes.com: The other Seattle paper, I have it because it gives a different view on some issues and is a more conservative viewpoint.

3. CNN.com: The best for breaking news stories, and that’s about it.

4. nyt.com: The New York Times. Enough said.

5. drudgereport.com: Clearinghouse of news for all of the major US media outlets. The best in the business for breaking political news.

6. huffingtonpost.com: More liberal version of drudge.

7. slog.thestranger.com: The Stranger’s blog that focuses on Seattle, Art, Music, Politics, and everything interesting in the world.

8. kitsapsun.com: Local newspaper website. Just here so I can keep track of what’s going on at home.

9. slashdot.org: Best site for nerd news. :)

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