To Katy

My Love
When first our paths crossed
When we hardly noticed each other
So nervous about the recital we were
Still I noticed you
The tall curly haired girl who played as I did
Despite, we hardly knew each other
When fate paired us in a brain contest
The sugar high boy and the teacher’s daughter
English came and went, and we developed
What may be called more than a passing interest

Before long, high school was here!
We met new people, and had different schedules
But things went wrong, and mistakes came
Tragedy knocked one day
And our lives changed
Comfort was taken in shared knowledge
and excuses were made to talk for hours
finally knowing the other which had
caught their eye for so long
and the intricate dance began
Yet the boy was wayward, looking elsewhere
for what he really had already found
but not net realized
time passed, and the girl was patient
soon a night came what was not soon forgotten
Poorly asked and executed
both were soon excited
for twirling snow and dancers
were lovely, yet were not the highlight
for the two young adults were together at last
Spanish books to v-day candies
they went through it all
finding out what it was like
to be with someone perfect
everything everyone else was not
Education plots lives
and theirs was no exception
Yet never truly apart
Through it all, the boy and the girl
remained true
and committed to each other
studying in the fall, and working in the summer
They always found time for each other
True love
truly magical
the boy and the girl
perfect for each
Thank you for comforting me when I’m down,
for listening when nobody else understands,
for talking when nobody else can,
for introducing me to your passions,
for being in my life,
for being yourself,
for being my best friend,
for being amazing.

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