My 2008 ASUW Endorsements!

Vote ChampUW ’08.

Our Platform:

– Pledge to misappropriate funds for blatant personal use

– Vow to abuse campus-wide email list as often as possible

– Provide inconsistent and confusing “leadership” designed to cause maximum chaos with a minimum of effort

– Will print enormous amounts of business cards for use as a miniature paper airplane air force

– Ensure Mark Emmert is designated as a national historic site.

President: Nikky Southerland

Vice President: Nikky Southerland

Director of Community Relations: Nikky Southerland

Directory for Diversity Efforts: Nikky Southerland

Director of FAA: Nikky Southerland

Director of Operations: Master Shake

Director of Organizational Relations: Nikky Southerland

Director of Programming: Nikky Southerland

Referendum Question #1: No! ASUW doesn’t need to bug us with amendments.

Survey Question #1: Yes! We must raise our drunken student ratio on campus.

Remember: You have a choice, and that choice is ChampUW ’08.

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