Updates: The story of my life that nobody really cares about yet I feel compelled to share

It’s summer vacation and I’m thankful for being able to see all of my fantastic friends. I’ll try and sort some things that have happened into categories since I’ve been home.

Birthday: I’m another year older and hopefully wiser. It was a low-key day that started out with a statistics exam that I didn’t do as well on as I had hoped but oh well. It means I’m done with math (unless I have to take an educational statistics class later on which should be a breeze now that I have this class under my belt). I then crammed myself into a car and rode home with mom where my hair blissfully absorbed all of the glorious moisture in the air and as a result I have been having much better hair days. A few other things have happened to celebrate my birthday, but overall it was relaxed with not a lot of fuss, just the way I like it.

Grades: Grades came out and if you really want to know ask me, but I’m thankful that I won’t have study tables next year in the house.

Job: I interviewed for a job and got it. I will now be spending my afternoons working down at Belfair Elementary for the Boys and Girls Club until June 13th when I will start up at the Teen Center doing their summer camp thingy. I’m excited to get money and have a reason to get out of the house but I wasn’t expecting to start so soon so it seems like my summer has been cut a little short.

Theater: One thing I miss most about Pullman is seeing all of my theater friends and just being in the general theater atmosphere. I am getting to help out with Bye Bye Birdie though and I’m getting my fix that way. I’ve also attended several productions already while home. First I saw “Noises Off” at the Paradise Theater in Gig Harbor, which is a play that I’ve heard a lot about, but I’ve never read or seen it. It was amusing and I was impressed at the timing the actors had. Next, I was privileged enough to go see RENT! (Thank You Adriana for the birthday gift!) at the Paramount Theater which was a fantastic production. I have an extreme dislike for the facility but the play was well worth my suffering knees. I also look forward to seeing West Side Story at the 5th Ave soon and it should be wonderful :D

I think that’s about it for now, and if not, I don’t feel like writing any more so I will leave you to your own lives. (Which you will invariably post in a blog at some point because that is what is expected of you)

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