Washington Public Universities and Student Body Political Affiliations

An unscientific study based on data culled from Facebook network pages.

Probably the most pressing question on your mind (if you even bothered clicking on this link, which I’m assuming you have), is where do the colleges stand based on their student bodies in political affiliation? Until now there hasn’t been an especially easy way to get this data, but now I can. Ranked from most liberal to most conservative. Please note that I combined “Very Liberal and Liberal” and “Very Conservative and Conservative” into “Liberal” and “Conservative” groups respectively. The “Very” modifer results is multiplied by 1.1 (10%) for a slight adjust. Ranked on Liberal:Conservative Ratio because many (near 50% average for networks) don’t respond to this question at all, and is thus the most reliable indicator of the general makeup.

Evergreen State College Is 40.5% Liberal and 2.1% Conservative with a ratio of 19.3:1

The University of Washington is a distant second with 25.5% Liberal, 7.1% Conservative, and a 3.59:1 Ratio

Western Washington University is third with 31.6% Liberal, 12.6% Conservative, and a ratio of 2.5:1

Washington State University is barely edging out Eastern for fourth with 18.3% Liberal, 14.1% Conservative, and a ratio of 1.29:1

Eastern Washington University fifth with 16.2% Liberal, 12.6% Conservative, and a ratio of 1.23:1

Central Washington University is “most conservative” (in quotes because it is still slightly liberal) with 17.3% Liberal, and 15.1% Conservative, giving us a ratio of 1.14:1.

No real surprises here… the top three slots are all filled by the three colleges west of the Cascades, and the Eastern Washington colleges are noticeably more balanced in their political views.

Some interesting notes:

-Fully 17% of Evergreen’s students have themselves listed as “Other.” The closest is 6% “other” in a tie with WWU, CWU, and WSU.

– Evergreen is the most open with their affiliations and only 33% have not listed theirs. EWU is the most secretive with 49% unlisted.

– WSU’s overall winner is for students who list themselves as “Moderate” (whom I suspect are conservatives in denial): 17%, which is more than the next highest category. CWU and EWU also have “moderate” as the top listing: both with 15%. UW, WWU and Evergreen all have liberal as their top listing.

– The most Apathetic is Evergreen with 3%, but most colleges are at 2% so don’t hinge on this too terribly much.

– Evergreen also is the winner in “Libertarian,” with 2% and actually beating everything both “Conservative” and “Very Conservative.”

– The Eastern Colleges (EWU [Country as 2nd], CWU [Country as 2nd] and WSU [Country as 2nd]) all seem to not like listing their favorite bands, while the Western Colleges don’t have any genres listed in their top ten music. This leads me to conclude that there isn’t any outstanding artist in the Country genre and that all of the singers and artists are really just background noise.

– Jack Johnson is the top music for all colleges except for Evergreen, who don’t have him listed in their top 10, but do prefer The Beatles.

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