Sad Emo Poetry About Our Fire Alarm

Cheesy goodness fills the flakey crust
Smoke pours out of the black box flooding the air


Doors slam as girls flee, some in jeans, some in bathrobes, some in slippers

We stand in the cold across the street fearing the worst for our homework, our computers, our pictures and our meaningless trinkets.
Making sexual comments about fire-fighters and bonding over a bag of pretzels distracts us from the cold
Causing small mountains upon our skin.

The defendant: One Lean-Cuisine Pizza left in a microwave too long
The verdict: Guilty
Sentenced to: A burned crust

After the scene of the crime is cleared we file back into our boxes and hide in fear from the bag of popcorn
Kernels sit there leering at us from the back of the food drawer.

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