From the IRC (internet relay chat) channel #uw on UWIrc. You can use programs like xchat (for Linux), and mIRC or chatzilla (for windows) to connect. It’s free and fun!

<Velociraptor> I'm paper engineering, bitch
<Velociraptor> fear my mad skillz
<c> dude WHY
<lolz> Maybe he really likes paper.
<c> I guess
<Velociraptor> Velociraptor's love paper
<Velociraptor> Or I could be pulling your leg
<Velociraptor> ;)
<c> they also don't know how to use apostrophes...
<Velociraptor> I suppose eating your leg, to be in character
<c> I suppose
<Velociraptor> You shall suppose nothing!
<c> Come stop me, scaly.
<Velociraptor> Bring it on
<Velociraptor> single letter man
<c> one c is enough to defeat you.
<Velociraptor> Good thing that Velociraptor have TANKS!
<c> oh SHIT
<c> man
<Velociraptor> Yeah, humanity would be screwed
<c> so my students keep asking me for project ideas
<c> so far I've been telling them to make a cruise missile
<c> maybe I'll start adding tanks in there too
<Velociraptor> Tanks with Velociraptors?
<c> the raptors are more of a biology project I think
<Velociraptor> oh, EE projects?
<Velociraptor> For some reason I was thinking "computer game design ideas"
<c> haha
<Velociraptor> oe 3d modeling
<Velociraptor> and would pay money to see a simulation of a Velociraptor crewed tank wreaking havok upon downtown seattle


On another channel

<Nikky> Hmm
<Nikky> Would humanity be doomed if Velociraptors had tanks?
<Zeromus> yes
<Zeromus> muchly

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