Spring Break

I currently have a period of downtime, so I figure I should start writing about Spring Break, finals, and other such exciting events.

The only problem is that I don’t especially feel like writing at the moment, but it holds to reason that if I don’t do it now, I never will. So here I am, writing when I don’t want to. Blah. Deal with it, losers

So, as I was staying, we had finals last week and got grades a few days ago. I did reasonably well in my classes–much better than last quarter, at least. Let’s just say that my 3.0 for Fall Quarter has been improved by a significant amount.

My first half of break was spent at home re-connecting with my family, visiting grandparents, doing random chores and tasks I had put off, and generally not doing much of anything. However, that’s no longer the case, since I went back to McMahon last night. It was slightly weird seeing it so deserted, I didn’t see a soul and thought my entire floor was empty. But it seems two clustermates were staying the break there because they’re part of an athletic program and it was required. So early this morning I woke up, managed to get to the airport, after much deliberation in packing… I’m very proud to fit Thursday-Sunday in just a backpack and small carry-on bag. I used to be much worse. They also decided that my laptop might have been carrying explosives.

Speaking of such things, at GEG (or Spokane airport, which isn’t exactly an inviting designation. “Hey, I’m going to GEG!” doesn’t really have a ring to it, unlike, say, “LAX” or “SEA,” but I digress), which is a really small airport, by the way, they had a sign for what is and isn’t allowed on carry-on. It seems that it’s perfectly okay to travel with a wrench, but not a hammer. It seems like both have the potential to inflict massive amounts of blunt trauma. I guess it makes sense to someone in the TSA; I’d like to meet this person and ask what the hell they were thinking. Maybe they want to encourage plumbers to fly with their gear or something.

Now I’m in Pullman for the weekend and get to spend it slowly withering away from the lack of large bodies of water and arid air. But I do get to see a Nuthouse show with Katy in it. :)

I told you that I didn’t feel like writing, and you can probably tell while reading this. Classes start next Monday.

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