Am I the only one that finds this funny?

Katy-Did says: wanna go to a baseball game?
Nikky says: sure
Nikky says: lemme guess
Katy-Did says: the WSU/UW game starts at 5:30
Nikky says: your team is…. yeah
Nikky says: really good
Nikky says: ours probably sucks
Katy-Did says: is it?
Katy-Did says: I honestly don’t know
Katy-Did says: I haven’t done any research on it
Nikky says: and another opportunity to rub it in our faces
Nikky says: oh
Nikky says: nevermind
Nikky says: >.>
Katy-Did says: I was just trying to think of something to do on Friday night
Nikky says: sounds good :)
Nikky says: our team is usually pretty amazing
Katy-Did says: *facepalm*
Nikky says: :)

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