Various updates

1. I was sick last week with some disorder that you really don’t want to contract. Trust me on this point. Going to class is fun when you can barely walk, to say nothing of concentration. The good news is that my immune system managed to mount a comeback and finally defeat the disease.

2. I seem unable to get the right ink cartridge for my printer. From just forgetting the number to stores not carrying it (PGI-5BK, in case you care)… who knew that Canon inks would be this hard to get? I suppose that this is partly my fault, since I didn’t deem necessary to actually double check the tank model number. Luckily the ink I got fits in my family Canon, so I won’t need to return anything.

3. The Desktop now has 2GB of RAM. No big deal, but I’ve somehow managed to delay this upgrade from 1.5GB for about six months. I blame gnomes.

4. Finals week! Political Theory papers due tomorrow, International Relations Final on Wednesday, and Dinosaurs on Friday.

I do realize this post sucks, but I felt that there should be a communication of some sorts from your favorite irritable-troll.

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