Three day weekends… what?

I think I’ve decided that I like this delineated list format for my posts, since I think they’re easier to convey information without being too convoluted.

1. Registered for classes this morning at 5:55AM; it went surprisingly well without too major of a hitch. It seemed the server wasn’t as overloaded as it was for Winter quarter. Anyway, since I know you’re *so* interested in what classes I selected.

  • Arch 150 (Intro to Architecture) – 3 Credits
  • LSJ 363 (Law in Society) – 5 Credits
  • Engl 131 (English Composition) – 5 Credits
  • Astr 150 (The Planets) – 5 Credits

The interesting part about this schedule? No class on Friday. Ever.

2. There is someone in my International Relations section who is the biggest dumbass I’ve ever encountered. I kid you not. He loves to talk yet has no idea what he’s saying and usually ends up stating the blindingly obvious as some sort of profound insight. To cap his stupidness off, this pitiful specimen of humanity asked the question that is just stunning: “What does suffrage mean?”

… I know. What a fucktard. “Look at me, I’m too stupid to pay attention to my previous 13 years of schooling, and can’t figure out to work a god-damned search engine to figure it out for myself.” I have no idea how this dumbshit was admitted here, I suspect some weird form of affirmative action, except for stupid people. I think he surpasses “Grey Sweater Guy” in Soc Fall Quarter on the irritating and stupidity scale, but not by much. I secretly wish to see them get ran over by a bus, while arguing who can talk the longest without saying anything important.

3. Hershey’s has started making the most amazing morsels of chocolaty goodness ever conceived: Kisses filled with Coconut Creme. You will remain in a state of bliss while consuming them.

One thought on “Three day weekends… what?

  1. I think I’ve decided that I like this delineated list format for my reply to your post, since I think it will be easier to convey my thoughts about your information without being too convoluted.

    1. I hate you for having fridays off, and I’m jealous. But I suppose I’ll benefit in the end by getting to see you.

    2. If there were no “fucktards” around, as you so lovingly put it, you would not be able to achieve your supreme feeling of superiority…so appreciate the “fucktards” out here and revel in your own genius

    3. Coconut is nasty, I gag when I eat it.


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