I am not alone anymore!

So Bethany (my roommate) has recently introduced me to the wonder that is Psych on USA. It’s a lovely show…but slightly irrelevant to this post. After a very long convoluted process that started with Psych, I get to the Monk website (yet another crime type comedy show on USA about an obsessive compulsive detective) and they have a poll about peoples greatest fears. Most of them are pretty standard like death, needles, and heights but then there are a few that might be slightly less than “conventional” shall we say. Many people know that I have an extreme dislike for mushrooms…one might even call it a fear. Well, according to this poll, a full 2% of people who voted in the poll state that mushrooms are their biggest fears as well. Somehow, this makes me feel better.

Here is a link for anyone who cares

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