it sucks… a lot

Particularly when

– 25% of your grade rides on the exam
– Your teacher changes the number of questions from 20 to 16
– You go over the problem at least 8 times, and you still can’t get the right answer, yet the next question(with the same format) you have no problems with.
– You study really hard for an exam, and totally bite it

Statistics can go shove a pop-tart up it’s mathmatical behind and hold it’s head in a giant vat of boiling oil with anchovy bits in it.

One thought on “Math

  1. Eww…seems pretty gruesome. I can’t imagine genres of mathematics shoving pop-tarts up their behinds and doing…that other stuff.

    Anyway, I like math. Maybe for you, it is just kind of an aquired taste. ;)

    Also, who am I? I’m a guy who programs, and visits some of the same forums as Nikky. I help cheer him up when he is depressed (which he seems to be a lot, lately :( ).

    Anyway, I hope all goes well.


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