Belated Randomnosity

First of all, I apologize for the delay between substantive posts, as many of you know it’s the middle third of winter quarter so it was the month of midterms and essays. Thankfully that’s winding down towards finals in a few weeks so I have a short respite from major assignments and studying. For whatever that’s worth (which I suspect isn’t too terribly much).

I really enjoy my current schedule: it’s giving me 17 credits but there are really two main subjects I have to focus on; 10 of those are political theory and the associated writing link. I haven’t nailed down my tentative schedule for spring quarter, but I’m currently looking at LSJ 363, Com 201, Engl 131 and Arch 150. Because of the load required with LSJ and Engl I might switch out Com for Art 140. It depends on my mood the day of registration (six days from now!) and how the classes fill up. Since I have sophomore status now it might be slightly less stressful to successfully snatch the courses I’d prefer.

So what else? Oh hmmm. I suppose I’ve decided I need more monitor real estate, which entails a new video card (7900) and a 24″ or 30″ Dell LCD. That should be nifty.

I still like squirrels.

Lecture started and I’m posting this now.

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